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Call Us Today For Same Day Appliance Repair Service

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At Save On Appliance Repair, our technicians arrive fully prepared to service the following brands

It’s fun to get takeout every once in awhile, but when you start purchasing takeout every day, your wallet may start to complain. Getting a little bit of takeout as a treat is fine, but you should never be forced to purchase takeout because your range and stove isn’t working.

How can you tell if your range isn’t working right? After all, if you’re not an expert on ranges and stoves it makes sense that you may not have any idea that something is seriously wrong with your range and stove. If you find, though, that your range burners aren’t heating up properly, or that the digital display that is on your stove isn’t working properly, something may need to be fixed. And it’s vital that if you smell gas coming from your stove and range that you get your stove and range checked immediately.

If you believe that you’re having problems with your range and stove, it’s time to do something about it. Save on Appliance Repair is here to help with all of your range repairs and stove repairs! We can provide you with the help that you need to get your stove and range back up and running again.

As soon as you believe that something is wrong with your stove or range you can contact Save on Appliance Repair for repair help. We can help you to diagnose your range or stove problem over the phone and can also provide you with a fair and affordable stove repair or range repair estimate as well. We’ll also provide same-day range repair or stove repair and because we want our customers to feel confident in our repairs, we provide a one year warranty on labor. We also use genuine manufacturers parts which come with a 90 day warranty as well.

If you find that your oven or range are on the fritz, call Save on Appliance Repair. We can help you to get stove and range up and running perfectly again.



Gary Collard

Washing machine stopped mid-cycle and we began to smell something burning or overheating. Don cane out to check it out and correct the problem.

Don came out at the time we had agreed on and the washing machine worked, of course. He said he knew what it was and that in time the motor would quit; but, in the meantime, there was no danger of fire or anything if we continued to use it. He charged us zip, nada, nothing, and told us to call him when it quit. This kind of service is unheard of these days!


Michelle Elek

Diagnosed problem with washing machine.

I called this company for help with my washing machine. Don asked me questions over the phone to determine what the problem might be, gave me a suggestion to try and told me to call him back if the problem persisted. It worked and I am grateful for Don’s knowledge, professionalism and integrity – anyone else would have automatically arranged a service call & THEN asked questions and charged me for the same result. If I have a problem with my washing machine again or with any other appliance I will absolutely call Don, and I will recommend his company to anyone in need of appliance repair. I am very impressed.