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At Save On Appliance Repair, our technicians arrive fully prepared to service the following brands

Years ago the ice man used to delivery fresh ice to your house on a regular basis so that all of your food would always remain cold. In today’s world, however, there is no ice man, and all of the components that you need to keep your food cold are all within your refrigerator. Today’s refrigerator does much more than just keeping your food cold, however, because it also freezes food and can make ice and dispense water as well.

How do you know if your refrigerator isn’t working correctly? If you’ve ever:

  • Had water leaking from your refrigerator onto your floor
  • Had food that wasn’t as cold as it should be
  • Heard strange noises from your refrigerator

Then you may have a refrigerator that needs some work. Save on Appliance Repair is there to help you to fix your refrigerator and whatever problem you may be dealing with. Our experts can help you with your refrigerator issues, starting with a phone call. Our experts can help you to diagnose your problem over the phone and can also provide you with an affordable estimate so that you can get your refrigerator back in business quickly. From there, we can efficiently fix your refrigerator repair issues and get your unit running like new.

Have you ever seen what happens when your food doesn’t remain at the crucial cool temperature that it needs to keep it fresh? Decomposition can begin to set in to almost any piece of food in just a matter of hours, which is why it’s crucial that you make sure that your food remains cold, and that you get your refrigerator fixed as soon as you possibly can.

It doesn’t matter what type of refrigerator you have, whether it’s a side-by-side refrigerator or one that has the freezer located on the bottom. Or even if it’s one that has the freezer on the bottom, we’re there to help with all of your refrigerator repairs and to fix your refrigerator promptly.



Gregory Leff

Digital display on Whirlpool double oven was replaced.

We called Save On Appliance Repair because we were having an issue with our whirlpool double wall oven. After calling Whirlpool and asking them why the digital display would only last four years they told us that their might be a recall, but then assured us that our model didn’t have the ‘problem” Ugh. Save On was extremely prompt with the call back to set up an appointment. (Actually called on a holiday if I remember correctly). When the service tech was on their way, they gave a very narrow window regarding the time they would be arriving, and when they ran into traffic on the way, they called to let my wife know, and they still arrived within the window. The service tech brought all the parts they thought might be needed and were able to quickly and completely diagnose the issue and fix it.


Gary Collard

Washing machine stopped mid-cycle and we began to smell something burning or overheating. Don cane out to check it out and correct the problem.

Don came out at the time we had agreed on and the washing machine worked, of course. He said he knew what it was and that in time the motor would quit; but, in the meantime, there was no danger of fire or anything if we continued to use it. He charged us zip, nada, nothing, and told us to call him when it quit. This kind of service is unheard of these days!