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Kitchen Appliance Repair

Call Save On Appliance Repair today to get your Kitchen Appliances Working Again

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Call Us Today For Same Day Repair Service

Call Us Today For Same Day Appliance Repair Service

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Fully Prepared Technicians to Service your Appliances

Our technicians arrive fully prepared to service many major brands for your laundry room and kitchen appliances

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At Save On Appliance Repair, our technicians arrive fully prepared to service the following brands

It’s fun to get takeout every once in awhile, but when you start purchasing takeout every day, your wallet may start to complain. Getting a little bit of takeout as a treat is fine, but you should never be forced to purchase takeout because your range and stove isn’t working.

Save On Appliance Repair fixes and repairs the following brands of popular gas and electric ranges and stoves.

AdmiralAmanaBoschDacorElectroluxFrigidaireGEHotpointKenmoreKitchen AidLGMagic ChefRoperSamsungThermadorVikingWestinghouseWhirlpoolWolf

Common Problems Listed Below:

Stove or Range is not heating: ELECTRIC

When a range or stove is not heating the problem is usually one of the following; Main control board, temperature probe, thermostat, bake or broiler element failure.

Stove or Range is not heating: GAS

On a gas unit the following components can fail; main control board, temperature probe, thermostat, glow-igniter, or a gas safety valve are potential parts that can have issues.

Stove or Range is not holding temperature:

On any stove, gas or electric, this type of problem is normally due to a faulty temperature sensor or the electronic control board being bad.

Stove thermostat is not accurate:

Since the temperature probe sends a signal to the electronic control board this problem is usually the temperature probe or ERC being faulty.

Stove or Range is not turning on:

This type of problem is always a bit harder to isolate, it could be that the wall outlet has malfunctioned or failed. The oven main control board can cause this problem as well as the oven safety thermostat, better known as a thermal cut-off.

Stove or Range Error Message on Display:

Error messages are unique to each appliance and manufacturer, the display may read F-3 on one brand meaning the oven main control board is bad and another manufacturer may mean something entirely different. For these problems a trained technician will need to pull the technical sheet from your oven to find out what the error code means.

Stove Or Oven door will not open:

This type of problem generally occurs after doing a self-clean. Temperatures can reach as high as one thousand degrees during a self-cleaning cycle. At times this can cause the oven temperature switch to fail thus sticking the door lock in the locked position. In cases like this a technician would be required to unlatch the door and make the necessary repairs.

Heating element failure:

If you have been present during a short from an oven bake or broiling element it is something you will not soon forget. Not only is it a loud failure, but it makes a bright flash. When this type of failure happens it is best to turn the breaker off and call the professionals to repair the problem.



Gregory Leff

Digital display on Whirlpool double oven was replaced.

We called Save On Appliance Repair because we were having an issue with our whirlpool double wall oven. After calling Whirlpool and asking them why the digital display would only last four years they told us that their might be a recall, but then assured us that our model didn’t have the ‘problem” Ugh. Save On was extremely prompt with the call back to set up an appointment. (Actually called on a holiday if I remember correctly). When the service tech was on their way, they gave a very narrow window regarding the time they would be arriving, and when they ran into traffic on the way, they called to let my wife know, and they still arrived within the window. The service tech brought all the parts they thought might be needed and were able to quickly and completely diagnose the issue and fix it.


Michelle Elek

Diagnosed problem with washing machine.

I called this company for help with my washing machine. Don asked me questions over the phone to determine what the problem might be, gave me a suggestion to try and told me to call him back if the problem persisted. It worked and I am grateful for Don’s knowledge, professionalism and integrity – anyone else would have automatically arranged a service call & THEN asked questions and charged me for the same result. If I have a problem with my washing machine again or with any other appliance I will absolutely call Don, and I will recommend his company to anyone in need of appliance repair. I am very impressed.