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Kitchen Appliance Repair

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Call Us Today For Same Day Appliance Repair Service

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Fully Prepared Technicians to Service your Appliances

Our technicians arrive fully prepared to service many major brands for your laundry room and kitchen appliances

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At Save On Appliance Repair, our technicians arrive fully prepared to service the following brands

Now more than ever your refrigerator has become the households most important appliance. Save On Appliance Repair fixes and repair all of the following brands:  Sub ZeroFrigidaireJenn AirMaytagAdmiralElectroluxAmanaWhirlpoolKenmoreHotpointGEKitchen AidVikingThermadorMagic ChefLGSamsungDacor as well as some other lesser known brands.

Our technicians are all trained, with over 100,000 successful repairs made over the last 15 years. From French door refrigerators, to side-by-side units, we have seen them all. At Save On Appliance Repair our goal is your satisfaction, and to that end we will always work hard for you. If you would like an idea of the types of symptoms your unit is experiencing and would like to get an over the phone estimate, please click on the tab below.


Exterior refrigerator water leaks stem from a couple of different areas. Refrigerator water lines, couplers, and valves are a common failure item that can be a simple fix. Other internal leaks can be caused by a couple of water sources such as a refrigerator ice maker or a backed up refrigerator defrost drain line.



While refrigerator noises are the most difficult to diagnose over the phone, usually noise requires a moving part. There are some probable culprits when dealing with refrigerator noises: refrigerator evaporator fan motor, refrigerator condenser fan motor, refrigerator compressor, or the ice maker is the normal source of a noisy refrigerator.


In our day and age most refrigerators are now controlled with what is called an Adaptive Defrost Control System or what is commonly known as a refrigerator motherboard. When these systems are malfunctioning the result is always frost build up on the inside back panel of the refrigerator. This can be compared to a clogged artery and will choke off airflow into the refrigerator portion of the cabinet causing temperatures to rise, but only on the refrigerator side. Other items that can cause the refrigerator to fail in the defrost operation is the defrost bi-metal or defrost thermistor. In order to repair this failure it will be necessary for a trained technician to test the components with a meter and replace the failed refrigerator part or parts.



When a refrigerator condenser is clogged with dirt or lint the condenser function is greatly reduced. This type of problem will result in the refrigerator not cooling down all the way. Temperatures in the refrigerator section, as well as the freezer, can begin to rise. The solution to this problem is to either clean the condenser coils or replace the refrigerator condenser fan motor to dissipate the heat being generated by the refrigerator compressor while it is compressing the hot Freon gas.


This type of refrigerator problem can be caused by the problems listed under defrost failure, but it can also come from other components. The temperature sensors inside the refrigerator are called thermistors, these carbon filled sensors have a small copper wire compressed into them and the refrigerator motherboard sends low pulse voltage through the sensor and waits for the return signal. The speed at which the signal returns will tell the computer processor what to do based on that information. The other problem can be the refrigerator damper system. This system allows airflow from the freezer into the refrigerator compartment. When this system fails, the air will not be moved from the freezer cabinet over into the refrigerator section. The only to way to accurately diagnose this problem is to have an experienced technician test the system with a meter to determine the source of your problem.




Michelle Elek

Diagnosed problem with washing machine.

I called this company for help with my washing machine. Don asked me questions over the phone to determine what the problem might be, gave me a suggestion to try and told me to call him back if the problem persisted. It worked and I am grateful for Don’s knowledge, professionalism and integrity – anyone else would have automatically arranged a service call & THEN asked questions and charged me for the same result. If I have a problem with my washing machine again or with any other appliance I will absolutely call Don, and I will recommend his company to anyone in need of appliance repair. I am very impressed.


Gary Collard

Washing machine stopped mid-cycle and we began to smell something burning or overheating. Don cane out to check it out and correct the problem.

Don came out at the time we had agreed on and the washing machine worked, of course. He said he knew what it was and that in time the motor would quit; but, in the meantime, there was no danger of fire or anything if we continued to use it. He charged us zip, nada, nothing, and told us to call him when it quit. This kind of service is unheard of these days!