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At Save On Appliance Repair, our technicians arrive fully prepared to service the following brands

There is nothing more frustrating than when machine that we rely upon fails us, especially when it comes to the clothes washer or dryer. At Save On Appliance Repair we have over the last 15 years performed over 100,000 repairs and have seen it all. Below are some of the more common problems that may occur with a washing machine.

Brands We Service:

AdmiralAmanaASKOBoschElectroluxFisher & PaykelFrigidaireGEHotpointJenn AirKenmoreKitchen AidLGMagic ChefMaytagSamsungSpeed QueenWhirlpool

Washer will not turn on:

This problem can be something as simple as a circuit breaker being tripped or faulty wall outlet. A test that you can quickly determine if the power it out is to take a small electric appliance such as a hair dryer and plug it into the wall where the washer unit is plugged in. If the hair dryer works then the problem is likely the washer itself. Washers with this problem can have a number of different problems such as, a thermal fuse, washer main control board, burnt wiring harness, etc.

Washer leaking water:

This type of washer failure is very common and any one of the following failures could be the cause. Washer pump assembly, water valve assembly, washer supply hoses, interior cabinet hoses or washer tub seals.

Washer will not agitate:

This type of problem can be caused by quite of few different items that may have failed such as, Interlock switch, motor control, TPS sensor, coupler, Lid switch,
Main control board among other items.

Washer will not drain:

This type of failure is common and can be caused by a few of the items listed below. Clogged drain hose, failed drain pump or clogged drain pump, power supply to the pump such as main control board, or washer timer.

Washer will not spin:

This type of problem is also common with washing machines; here is a list of some common failures for this problem. Washer Interlock, coupler, Lid switch, washer belt or pulley, washer drain pump, clogged water drain hose, motor control board, main control board.

Washer Timer will not advance:

This problem is usually only caused by a couple of different failures, the washer timer itself, interlock failure or burnt wiring harness.

Washer is unbalanced and moves:

This type of problem can occur when the installation of the washing machine was not done properly. If the casters or washer legs were not locked down over time they will come loose and can cause and imbalance condition that requires they be reset and locked down. Other problems can be loose or broken shocks and springs.

Washer door will not unlock:

This type of problem can occur when a signal from the main control board is not sent to the washer door lock switch. The door lock switch if it is receiving the signal but does not respond would need to be replaced.

Washer will not fill:

This can be caused by a faulty or restricted water supply hose or a faulty washer water valve.



Philip Regier

We could not open the top of our dishwasher – it was stuck for some reason.

We have a Fisher-Paykel dishwasher – unusual and usually a nightmare to get serviced. I called Save On Appliance Repair specifically because they indicated they worked on Fisher-paykel, The workman came out, fixed the problem promptly, and the dishwasher has worked fine for several weeks. Good experience.


Gregory Leff

Digital display on Whirlpool double oven was replaced.

We called Save On Appliance Repair because we were having an issue with our whirlpool double wall oven. After calling Whirlpool and asking them why the digital display would only last four years they told us that their might be a recall, but then assured us that our model didn’t have the ‘problem” Ugh. Save On was extremely prompt with the call back to set up an appointment. (Actually called on a holiday if I remember correctly). When the service tech was on their way, they gave a very narrow window regarding the time they would be arriving, and when they ran into traffic on the way, they called to let my wife know, and they still arrived within the window. The service tech brought all the parts they thought might be needed and were able to quickly and completely diagnose the issue and fix it.